Branded Water Bottles

Branded Water Bottles

Unique Ways to Use Promotional Bottled Water for Your Business

Advertising your business can be a difficult process to navigate through. Between the plethora of advertising channels to choose from and the increasing competition, promoting your company is more challenging than ever. When it comes to promoting your business, you might be wondering how I can promote my business in a creative and cost effective way.

Advertising your business in a fun and unique way does not need to be costly. Our custom label bottled water helps you promote your brand while directly engaging your customers and can be used in a variety of ways. Here are several ways you can use our custom label bottled water to help advertise your business.

Use it daily in your reception area- When customers are visiting your location it is always best to make them feel at home. Placing bottled water in your reception area is a great way to promote your company to customers as they first walk into your building and provide them with a wonder amenity that will help them feel more comfortable.

During a company event- Company events are a great place to use custom labelled bottled water. Whether you are hosting a charity event or a company party using promotional bottled water at a company event is a great way to promote your business to the participants of that event.

Trade shows- Bringing your custom labelled bottled water to a trade show is a great way to promote your business to potential customers. With so many other companies surrounding you, bringing promotional bottled water is a way to help your company stand out from the crowd.

Company swag bags- Swag bags are a popular way to promote your business and give your customers free giveaways. When creating your company swag bag, a great item to include in it is promotional bottled water. Customers will enjoy getting an item they will actually use and you will get the added benefit of promoting your business with a custom logo.

Company meeting- Whether you are meeting with potential customers or corporate partners everyone loves the option of something to drink during a meeting. Delight your customers and promote your company by offering your guest promotional bottled water during your meeting.

Sponsorships- Is your business sponsoring a team or club? Help to further advertise your business during this sponsorship by providing custom label bottled water for the participants of the team or club.

Promotional bottled water can be used in a variety of other ways than those listed above. They are versatile, cost-effective, and engaging. All of these attributes make them a great option for promoting your company.


The Kent County Soil and Water Conservation District, located in Chestertown, Maryland utilizes a wide variety of promotional items to achieve their mission of protecting the Chesapeake Bay.

They recently used Tervis Tumblers as a Thank You gift at the annual dinner held for their Cooperators (landowners and producers) for the efforts in soil and water conservation programs administered by the district office.  The Tervis given out included the logo that celebrated the 75th anniversary of the district office.


Over the years the cooperators have received Notepads and Pens with the district office phone number, which are typically kept close at hand in the farm vehicles and equipment used by the landowners to provide an easily available contact information so the office can be alerted to water or soil issues, while out in the fields should the need arise.

Kent Soil and Water Conservation District


The Home Builders Association of Delaware included Beverage Napkins along with Starlite Mints, bearing sponsor logos, as part of an available sponsorship package for their annual ball. Individually wrapped, logoed Starlite Mints adorned the dinner table, for guests to utilize after their meal.  Along with the napkins and mints, sponsors were provided an ad in the program guide, scrolling power point ads, and other signage where needed.  Sponsorship package exposure puts valuable business labeling in front of future clients of the building industry to include, builders, suppliers, commercial and residential lenders, and real estate professionals. 

Home Builders Association of Delaware